unlock your new life.

Do YOU ever Feel…

  • Embarrassed, Unhappy and Inadequate
  • Hate what you see in the mirror
  • Always covering up
  • Lack of confidence 
  •  Lost and unsure what to do and where to start?

Well, YOU’RE in LUCK! Here’s what I can give YOU! 

  • Transform YOUR Physique
  • Accountability & New Positive Habits
  • Understand YOUR Nutrition & Training Requirements 
  • Be CONFIDENT in YOUR own Body!
  • Improved Quality of Life and Wellbeing
  • Clear Goal and Plan to Achieving YOUR Goals


The 3 Phases


This is the first step towards your new physique. In this phase we find out YOUR PERSONAL nutritional and training requirements. This is done through monitoring how your body responds to the implementation of new lifestyle habits and creating a structured routine which is conducive to your end goal.

Expect to see

  • Increased sense of wellbeing
  • Improved performance
  • Improved relationship with food
  • Clear Goal & Approach Moving Forward
  • Greater understanding of your personal requirements

Fine tune

With the information gathered in Phase 1 we are now equipped with everything required to further fine tune your programming to get that much more out of it.
Here we begin to implement specific nutritional tactics, personalised training programming and recovery techniques. All while reinforcing your new found routines & habits.
Expect to see
  • Noticeable Fat Loss / Muscle Gain
  • Improved Shape and Composition
  • Further Improved performance

Double Down

Now it’s time to take things to the next level. With the actioning of your new routine, healthy habits and new found physique, we double down on what we KNOW works for YOU and your lifestyle to continue achieving results but at a more rapid rate than before!
 Expect to see
  • Upregulated Metabolic Function
  • Recomposition
  • Noticeable Fat Loss / Muscle Gain
  • Drastically Improved Performance



If you dont get results, I will refund you 100% of your service!*

Personalised Diet Plan & Macros

Quick & Easy to follow plans created for YOU around your lifestyle and goals + MACROS!

Goal Orientated Training Plan

Training programming suited to your experience and goals.

Fat Loss / Muscle Gain Supplement Protocol

Learn what supplements actually WORK!

Weekly Check ins

Weekly updates to ensure you're on track and progressing!

24/7 Accountability & Support

Get the support you need from me personally to keep you motivated and accountable.

3x Training E-books

Get more than your bargained for! Extra training programs valued at $270 FREE!

Guide to Continued Fat Loss E-book

Learn how to keep the fat off and self manage!

Ready to start your weight loss journey?

Resh Azizi


Blake is an experienced, friendly and personable coach who is incredibly passionate about health and fitness, and goes above and beyond for his clients through a customised / tailored approach. He has transformed my physique in a short period of time, and continues to respond to my questions instantaneously. It is a privilege to be working with Blake who always puts me first, and provides me with awesome shout outs through words of encouragement. I highly recommend him for prospective clients.

Tahlia Peck


Blake is seriously a breath of fresh air. Extremely knowledgeable and understanding and takes what obstacles you have against you into account (dietary needs & allergies) He is super upfront and friendly. After one week I lost 4 kilos on our program (our goal at the moment is to lose weight and then work on a regiment workout and diet routine).
I didn’t go to Blake with any real expectations however, he exceeded then and then some. The focus has been in my health and setting realistic goals and targets for us to hit. He is extremely accessible and keeps you realistic and determined. Thank you Blake.

Jake G


Couldn’t recommend Blake’s services enough! The whole process from start to finish was smooth and seamless.
He acted professionally and customized and tailored my training and meal plans to suit my needs and requirements and offered assistance and changes when necessary and promptly answered any questions I had.
After training for many years, I was overly pleased with the results I made, after only 8 weeks.
10/10 will go back to Blake for anymore of my fitness goals!

Money back GUARANTEE

I am are SO confident that YOU WILL lose weight that I am offering a 100% money back GUARANTEE!

Over the course of my 7 years coaching I have collectively helped hundreds of individuals lose OVER 1 TONNE in fat and keep it off! There’s no guess work here. Using scientifically proven and evidence based methods, coupled with my attention to detail gives YOU the best chance at losing life changing amounts of weight.

Over the course of this program, if you don’t lose weight.. you get ALL your money back, no catches, no strings!*

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Remember, results aren’t exclusive to anyone. We are ALL capable of achieving great things provided we do what’s required.


Step 1: Basic Information
Step 2: Activity Level
Step 3: Select your goal